A little Introduction


My first blog post, what do I write? Well I guess it would only be appropriate to first introduce myself and explain why I decided to open up a blog. So here I go, hi my name is Kieu, or Kieu Kieu (pronounced like the letter Q).  I’m an avid fiction reader, audio book listener and overall an enthusiast for a good story. Reading is my preferred choice of entertainment. Generally I gravitate towards books that fall within the young adult spectrum but fantasy, sci-fi, and romance genres are ones I often seek out the most as well. The books I’ve read have amounted to a ridiculous amount especially if you include the DNF ones as well which happens more often than not, and  If I’m to be honest  I’ve become quite the picky reader over these past few years. I think this is partly due to the fact that I’ve become less ardent about the need to finish a book regardless of how much I dislike it. Presently however I have absolutely no qualms about leaving a book unfinished. There are just way too many books and stories out there to indulge myself in for me to waste time and effort on a book I find no pleasure in. But I digress, this blog will accomplish a couple things for me, one is to keep track of the books I’ve read and loved, and secondly to gather and share my thoughts on one platform. So here’s to my first blog post and for many more to come! Thanks for stopping by!!