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If you are curious as to where I got my header image from,  it is acutally a digital drawing, I did less then a year ago. At that time, I just finished reading Libba Bray’s Diviners series, and fell head over heels for the story and cast of characters. Occasionally, when I fall in love with a book, I become inspired by it, and have a intense desired to create and this is how my fan art came about. The girl in the drawing is Theta, a young flapper girl who loves to sing and to read, her weakness is poetry. It was an interesting drawing to do especially since the story is set in the 20’s, so her attire and props had to be appropriate for that time. This drawing is one of my favorites, I honestly don’t draw that often and I’m quite an ameutuar as well but I was very happy with it. I decided to use this as my header image, because well it’s suits my blog, I will be reviewing books and theta has a book In hand. I want to do a thorough book review on the Diviners soon but I already know how much work it will be, since it’s such a long book and I would have to reread it but I think it’ll be worth the work, the review can be part of my ” all time favorite book” series I’m thinking of doing, so far the reviews I have up are of books I like, not love, and I want to share the books I dearly love with you guys so you can get an idea of my taste and preferences.

All the other drawings on my page are ones I found on google.

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