Running Snail Chp 3


OPENING COMMENTS: Here is Chapter 3 guys, thanks for the patience! I was still recovering from the translation of chapter two last week, which is why there was no new release. I decided to take a week off, to be a lazy bum and do nothing but eat and catch up on my novels/webtoons. Ideally, I wish to release a chapter weekly, but I’m a capricious creature, who functions, depend on their mood, and often times my default mood is laziness 😕. Although, I have not been completely idle, I come to you today, well 10 days later, with chapter 3.  I have to say chapter 3 was a blessing and a relief to translate, it was much easier and shorter. More then that, I do think I’m getting better at this translating business, yes I’m tooting my own horn 😋. Boy, do I hope the remaining chapters will be just as short. 6 pages per chapter is more than adequate, I think. In this chapter, several important characters are introduced, so keep and eye out for that, they will play an important role throughout the story. On another note, I will be listening to a new Vietnamese audio book soon (titled, So what, you are my student), it’s a Chinese modern romance novel about a student teacher romance (FYI:both legal consenting adults), if I find myself enjoying the novel, I may decide to translate it after Running Snail. I have high expectations for the novel so hopefully it’ll meet or exceed them. Anyway, Enjoy reading guys, kindly leave a comment so I know people are reading or caring or even enjoying the story, thanks!😘😘😚. 

Chapter 3: Last Meeting

When Ky Quyen called, Ve Nam was lying on the bed. In Ve Nam’s words, that would mean “I am sprawled out lazily on the bed.” This was the best time to sleep in the morning, Ve nam thought. She yawned once, then sluggishly reached over to the bedside table to pick up the phone. Ve nam answered in a breathless tone.


“Are you sick?”

Ve Nam quickly regained her spirits, glared and said:

“Oh..please, it’s too early in the morning for your mouth to be spewing poison already. Why are you looking for me?”

“I will give you half an hour to prepare, I will pick you up in my mom’s shabby car.”

“What for?”

“What do you think? Me and Tieu Tinh are taking you out to eat.”

Ky Quyen and Tieu Tinh are good friends of Ve Nam’s, they attended the same middle school and high school together. All three enjoyed reading online novels. When there was any free time they would gather and chat about their similar interest, and play online games together. Their bond was closer than of sisters. Since both of them were inviting Ve Nam out to eat, she grudgingly accepted. Ve Nam clenched her teeth, and dragged herself out from under the cover. She walked slowly towards the bathroom to brush her teeth, just as she entered, Ve nam saw Luc Song doing his hair. Seeing Ve Nam he smiled and said

“Good morning.”

“Yes….good morning.”

He’s up so early. He must have a pretty balanced lifestyle, Ve nam thought.

She entered the bathroom and stood beside Luc Song. She stared at the image of his bare chest and herself, dressed in pajamas, reflected in the mirror. Ve Nam felt unsettled. All of a sudden, she felt as if they were a young newlywed couple, getting up and going about their morning routine. That absurd thought frightened her. Ve Nam suddenly felt her body stiffened and she shivered.

Luc Song coldly said “why are you shuddering, is it a seizer?”

His statement left Ve nam speechless.

She was silent for a while before raising her head, smiled and asked

“do you know what epilepsy is?”

Luc Shrugged “Isn’t it like how you are?”

Ve Nam placed her thumb on her chin, pretends to think for a bit before replying in a serious manner, “epilepsy is caused by multiple reasons and occurs many times over a long period, which may then cause brain imbalances.”

Luc Song stood puzzled for a second before saying gently “ oh I see, your brother told me otherwise, I thought epilepsy is when a part of your body starts trembling, just like what you did earlier.” Although, he conveyed a kind expression, Ve nam knew he was forcing back his laughter, so much so, that his face was becoming distorted. His eyebrows quivering. Ve Nam glared at him, not saying anything else, lowered her head and brushed her teeth.

Luc Song styled his hair, then sprayed something like perfume onto his body. Ve Nam covered her nose, “no matter how much perfume you use, it won’t rid you of your odor!” Because she was still brushing her teeth, her words came out unclear.

Luc Song turned his head and asked “what did you say?”

Ve nam took a sip of water,  washed her toothbrush, and smiled brightly

“I asked what are you doing today?”


“Two of my close friends invited me out to eat, would you like to come along?”

If someone said their close friends invited them out, then certainly normal people will understand the situation and refuse. Ve nam only asked out of politeness, she actually planned on going alone, and leaving Luc Song at home instead. But unexpectedly, Luc Song smiled and said “okay, let’s go.”

Ve nam wanted to give herself a slap.

What a loud mouth, this is the result of asking, Ve nam berated herself.

Ve nam only realized it was raining once she was out the door, the drizzling rain washed away the hot summer heat. The fragrant flowers enhances a person’s mood. The light perfume scent emitting from the person beside Ve nam made her slightly uncomfortable.

“You’re a man and yet you wear perfume?’ Ve nam said coldly

Luc Song smirked and said “It’s mosquito repellent perfume, why is your nose sensitive?”

Ve nam turned, looked around, and saw the mosquitoes around him,  all are from afar, they did not dare come too close. In the eyes of the mosquitoes, Luc Song has probably turned into a God, one you can see from afar but not get close to. Ve nam left speechless, did not say anything else.

A moment later, her cell phone rings, she answers the call. The signal was not good, so she spoke in a loud voice “hello Qui. Sis please hurry it up, I’ve waited so long my legs are stiff now. Are you lost, huh, you’re here?”

As soon as she finished speaking, a car braked in front of them. Ky Quyen ends the call as she drives, smiling she waves at Ve Nam. Well at least she’s true to her word, she said she’ll be here immediately and she is, Ve nam reflected. Luc Song being obtuse and unaccommodating, opened the back door and got into the car first, leaving Ve nam to follow after to sit with him in the back. Ky Quyen started the engine, grinned and asked “so, you brought your family member along, you’re good at that.”

She explained, “he is my brother’s friend.”

Ky Quyen doubtful asked “your brother’s friend?”

her eyes look like they’re actually asking, “then why are you bringing him along?”

Ve nam put on a forced smile.

Luc turned his head to look at the scenery outside, suddenly he said: “When we arrived, just drop me off, I want to go exploring alone. ”

“Are not you afraid of losing your way?” asked Ve nam

“I have a mouth, I can find my way by asking”

Ve nam gave up caring for his well being.

Initially, in Ky Quyen’s car the music was played on full blast, but when Ve nam got into the car, Ky Quyen immediately turned off the music. It is very quiet in the car now, it feels a little stifling.

After a while, Ky Quyen said, “Nam Nam, Tieu tinh and I invited you out today on the pretext of taking you out to eat, but actually today is the high school reunion.”

Ve nam suddenly remembered her phone call with Tieu Tinh yesterday, she did refer to the high school meetup. Ve nam, left bewildered for a moment before saying, “Why did you not tell me?”

“If I told you in advance, would you have gone?” Ky Quyen asked back, then turned the steering wheel and sped up. The vehicle came into contact with the ground,  and emitted a deafening sound.

Ve Nam paused for a moment and said “Tieu Tinh is coming to?”

“Of course, she arrived there earlier.” Ky Quyen looked upset, she brushed aside her hair and said: “I didn’t want to go to the high school reunion either, but the class president is organizing it, and he said this will be the last meetup, everyone feels obliged to attend. We are in our fourth year now, soon many of us will be looking for jobs elsewhere, if we do not have a reunion now the chances of us seeing each other in the near future is unlikely.”

Speaking of this, both Ve nam and Ky Quyen felt suddenly sad.

In high school, the atmosphere in the classroom was very peaceful, their class was considered “high quality” it was a class formed by the school’s selection contest. On the surface, the classroom appeared to be the focal center for fostering talent, but in reality this classroom was known as “the perverted class.” the talent was not much, but the devils were many. Normal people were few and far between, but the bad people were a handful.

“The meetup this time is full, many of us are in the city, so there are about 10 people coming.” Ky Quyen continued.

Ve Nam did not attend many of the previous class meetups. Which is why this time Ky Quyen tricked her into going instead.

“Hua Chi Hang is also attending.”  Ky Quyên suddenly brought Hua Chi Hang up.

“Uh”. Ve nam calmly nodded.

Ky Quyen glanced at Luc Song in the back seat, she saw his eyes closed, with no visible reaction, she continued and softly asked Ve nam: “I Heard you guys broke up?”

Ve Nam suddenly looked up at Ky Quyên, only to see her wink, Ve nam forced to respond said

“Uh, yeah we broke up.”

Ky Quyen broke out in a wide grin, her eyes bright, as she stare at the red traffic light in front of her.


“We’re incompatible.”

“You’re incompatible? This reasoning is something else, does that even sound right, you let that trash….”

Ve nam laughed and interrupted “I broke up with him.”


“Thats right, I kicked him to the curb, not the other way around.”

After their conversation, Ky Quyen had a wide grin on her face, seeing this Ve nam leaned towards Ky Quyen and pinched her cheek. Ve nam,  in an intimate tone, with the slyness of a snake said  “Ky Quyen, the green light is on, maybe you should start driving.”

Their car stopped in front of  the most popular karaoke bar in the area.

Luc Song left to go on his own, while Ve Nam and Ky Quyen entered the door to the karaoke bar. Inside the lights were off, it was dark,  the ceiling were filled with colorful lights. The colors constantly blinked and changed, creating a virtual dream like scene. The spiral staircase was carpeted. Because of the dim lighting, and the constant bombardment of changing lights, it made everything confusing. The place was dizzying.

After going up to the third floor, there was finally light again. Under the glittering lights is the reception desk.

Ky Quyên spoke to the receptionist, then took Ve Nam to room 303. In the room, already people who were unable to stand idle, started singing. Class Leader, To Duong sang a song by Cao Quyen, his hoarse voice hovering high and loudly through the mic, made the brain numb. “That is the ……….” (singing) he was about to hit the highest note in the song, when he stopped suddenly. The “a” sound still echos in the room, it sounds very funny. To Duong laughed, placed the microphone down, and ran towards the girls. “Finally you two are here, you made us wait so long. (TL: expression used, “waited so long our necks grew, to the length of a swan.”)

Ky Quyen  nodded and sat down next to Tieu Tinh, Ve nam followed after.

To Duong turned on the lights, the room brightened up significantly. Now, Ve nam can clearly see the whole room.

Tragic, how tragic!! Ve nam thought.

Hua Chi Hang was sitting across from Ve Nam, his arms crossed in front of his chest, his face expressionless as he listens to the girl beside him talk.

That girl is Su Man Min.

Besides, Su man min is pair of man and women, those two have loved each other since highschool but broke up after graduation, now they hate each other, they went from lovers to enemies.

The atmosphere in the room is very unnatural, even with To Duong scary singing, nobody seems to cares. The room is filled with resentment.

Very, very scary, Ve Nam concluded.

As soon as Man Man saw Ve Nam, she smiled at her “Nam Nam, I’ve miss you!”

Ve Nam smiled, patted her shoulders and said “Man Man, I’ve miss you too.”

In the 12th grade, to avoid premature dating the teacher would arranged the seating by gender, the ladies would sit with the ladies, and male with the males. Ve nam and Man Man ended up being seated next to each other. Mẫn Mẫn is very pretty, charming, quick, and vivacious. At first, sitting next to her, Ve Nam felt a little pressure. Ve nam considered herself, a small leaf adorned on the beautiful rose that is Man Man. Later on, Ve Nam found that she was not arrogant at all, Man man treated people intimately and openly. Academically, Man Man excelled in English but was poor in math. While, Ve Nam was the opposite, they would often help,  and learn from each other, as well as discuss topics together. they’re friendship was relatively close.


Man man’s veneer of kindness was so incredible realistic, it could almost be authentic. 

Man Man smiled at Ky Quyen, and intended to hug her but saw Ky Quyen’s expression, which was unnatural, as a result Man Man decided to hug Tieu Tien instead.

“Tieu Tinh, I’ve missed you like crazy.”

Tieu TInh reacted slowly, her expression rotten, as she stared at Ve Nam.

Ve Nam pressed firmly onto her stomach, as she tried to hold back her laughter, she winked at Tieu Tinh. Tieu Tinh realizing the situation, grabbed tightly onto Ky Quyen’s arm and said “Of course, we just saw each other yesterday, my beloved Ky Quyen, a day without you is like 3 years, my enthusiasm will make your heart burn with passion.”

Everyone in the room laughed because of their flamboyant actions.

Man man staggered slightly but not entirely bothered. She dropped her hands naturally, her mouth still laughing, “you guys are still as attached as before. After marriage, I’m sure your  husbands will be very jealous.

Ky Quyen smiled: “Sisters are sisters, certainly, men will not be the cause that divides us. Nevertheless, even if we do marry, our friendship will never change, right?”

Man Man smiled: “That’s right, that’s right.”

Sometimes poking the bear can lead to interesting results, Ky Quyen thought, as she turned to Tieu Tinh and spoke intimately with her, her eyes, however, stared daggers at Man Man while she said “Tieu Tinh, later on when you have a boyfriend, you must not tell me alright?”

Tieu Tinh grinned “of course. Ky Quyen, you are so dark hearted. One of these days you may repay your gratitude, by pushing me down the abyss.” Tieu Tinh was speaking with Ky Quyen but her eyes were directed at Man Man.

Man Man still smiled very brightly during the entire exchange.

Ve nam gently tugged on Tieu Tinh’s hand, and hurriedly wrote the word “out” onto her palms, then she smiled and said to everyone, “sorry guys, I’m going to the restroom.”

Tieu Tinh also grinned: “We are so liked minded, I need to go to the restroom as well.”

Ve Nam laughed: “That’s right, we are so close even our bladders are alike.”

When they finished speaking, they left the room.

Ky Quyên and Tieu Tinh deliberately attacked Man Man earlier. Tieu Tinh knows better than anyone else, what happened between Ve Nam and Hua Chi Hang, so of course there is no reason why Ky Quyên does not know as well.

“You told Ky Quyen about Man Man and Hua Chi Hang?”


“Ky Quyên has always considered herself the eldest, the mother bird, it’s her self imposed duty to protect me and you, her two baby birds.You should speak with her though, who knows when she will hatch up a plan to deal with that devil. But do not worry, we’re about to graduate, it’ll be over soon. It just Man Man pursued Hu Chi Hang so passionately, knowing all the while that you obviously like …. “

“So what if I like? Just because I like someone or something doesn’t mean others can’t as well. I am not a thief. Ve Nam paused for a moment, threw her hair back, and said “besides, I do not want to get involved with Hua Chi Hang anymore. Even if all the girls in this world are pursuing him, it has nothing to do with me. ” Ve Nam sighed and lightly patted Tieu Tinh shoulders : “You two should not be upset on my behalf. I’ve experienced many storms and I’m still here, living life. Anyway who does he think he is? There are many good men left in the world, and besides, even if I don’t find anyone to marry,  I won’t die right?”

Tieu Tinh laughed: “Then why did you not go to any of the class meetups? I thought you did not dare to see him?”

Ve Nam was silent for a moment and then suddenly laughed mysteriously: “Honestly, I hate Man Man”. Ve Nam stood up and sighed: “Not because she pursued Hua Chi Hang, but because to my face she’ll say “I’m a good sister,” but behind my back she only has bad things to say about me, as if I am a worthless creature. I heard what she said and thought it was funny. I just hate that kind of fake, artificial person. Several other times Hua Chi Hang did not attend the meetups and still I did not go, remember?”

Tieu Tinh was silent for a moment before saying “me and Ky Quyen are really foolish.”

Once Tieu Tinh went back to the room, Ve nam let out a long exhale, and headed towards the restroom to splash cold water on her face.

Ve nam’s eyes were wet

Actually, what Ky Quyên and Tieu Tinh did not know is that, Man Man and Hua Chi Hang are living together.

Moreover, they have been together for a year already.

In college, this situation is no longer unfamiliar. Moving out rather than living in the dormitory, it seems they have at least a bit of formality.

But If they are not using birth control pills, it is not known how many children will eventually call them parents.


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