Running Snail Chp 2.2

Translator Comments: Finally, the end of Chapter 2, I can’t believe I originally thought chapter one was long, that was just a taste of what was to come. Chapter 2 is a book in itself, but I’m so glad to say it’s finished. Enjoy!!

Ve nam was surprised out of her discomfort when her mom suddenly exclaimed “dear, your hands are injured!”

Ve nam turned to look, both of luc song’s hands are streaked with red marks on them.

“Oh this, it’s nothing, I was handling hot water, and was not careful and burned myself, but it’s alright now. “ Luc Song said calmly.

Ve nam’s mother turned to her and said “Nam Nam why are you smiling? Hurry and go get the first aid kit, bring it over here and treat his wound. Put your schooling to good use.”

Ve Nam shrugged her shoulders, “I haven’t learned how to treat burns yet, that’s external medicine.”

“I do not need to know what department you’re studying, go fetch the first aid kit and hurry it up.”

Her mother’s screams caused Ve nam to jolt, she rushed out of the room to go get the First aid kit. When Ve nam returned, her mother was already escorting Luc Song into her brother’s room and directed him to the bed. The bed sheets looked brand new. It is a dazzling bright white that makes one dizzy just from glancing at it.

Everyone is eagerly welcoming Luc Song as if he is such a distinguished guest.

Luc Song was sitting by the head of the bed, while Ve Nam’s mother was chatting with him. When Ve Nam entered the room, she heard her mother say “ your mother and I were colleagues for a long time, I don’t even know how she is nowadays.”  Luc Song smiled and said, “my mother retired early, now she stays at home playing Mahjong all day.”

“Really, your mother retired early?”

“Yes, my mother was able to get a false medical diagnosis (doctor’s note, slip)  at the hospital that allowed her to apply for early retirement.” Luc Song replied coldly.

A fake diagnosis, he said it so calmly, Ve nam almost laughed out loud

“How is your sister?”

“Luc Dan, her health isn’t too good, she had to take a break from school, but just for a little while. She is in her fourth year now, once she graduates, she’ll move here, and look for work. We’re waiting on our father to retire, once he does our whole family will move down here.”

Ve nam laughed, his name is Luc Song, his sister’s name is Luc Dan, what a pair of names.

Her mother turned around and shot Ve Nam a glare, “what are you standing idly there for, hurry over and bandage Luc Song’s wound.”

Ve Nam replied Yes before heading towards Luc song with a gentle expression on her face she asked “does your wound still hurt?”

Luc song turned his head, without replying. Ve nam saw his hand trembling slightly. Ve nam’s Mother patted her daughter’s shoulders, watched her with encouraging eyes and sensing the mood, she excused herself with the pretext of getting something.

Ve nam tossed the first aid kit aside, and coldly said “do you know how to dress it yourself?”

“I don’t” Luc Song replied with a slight smirk on his face, then looked at Ve Nam and said “you should know how to dress my wounds, future doctor.”

“Of course, bandaging your arms will be much or so less the same as bandaging a dog’s bone.”

Luc song was not anger by her comparision, his expression was neither hot or cold.

“Then I will have to inconvenience you.”

Ve nam sat next to Luc song, looking at his reddened hand and the big burn on it, she sighed indignantly.

Actually, she did not know how to dress wounds that well. She was pressured into agreeing. The four years of medical studies she had so far covered mostly the basics, she hasn’t had any clinical practice yet. Ve nam has studied the human anatomy, so if she was forced to cut open an arm to analyze the  blood vessels and nerves, that would pose no problems for her, but dressing wounds on the other hand is………..

Even though she hasn’t learned it yet, it shouldn’t be too hard. Besides, all she needs to do is wrap the dressing around a few times and finish it off with a neat, tight knot.

Though it may be easier said than done. Ve Nam held onto Luc song’s arm, and gently applied a layer of ointment on it, then she cut off the excess bandage. It took some time for her to wrap it, and still it kept slipping off. Ve Nam thought Luc Song would ridicule her, but when she glanced up at him he was yawning tediously.

His act of boredom humiliated her far worse than if he ridiculed her.

Ve nam clenched her teeth and began wrapping his arm again. With much effort and determination, she finished wrapping his wound. Ve nam glanced up and saw luc song with his eyes closed, about to fall asleep.

Ve Nam would rather take humiliation over this display, anyday!

Ve nam muster all her strength and tighten the bandage. Luc Song clench his teeth in pain, the dressing tore in half.

Ve Nam cringed at the shame and humiliation she brought upon medical students

“Sorry, I touched your wound, does it hurt?” Ve Nam smiled, her expression unrepentant, “Let me wrap it again for you.”

Luc Song coldly replied “it doesn’t hurt, please continue.”

Ve nam felt that she went a little overboard, decided to quickly wrapped his wound for him.

“Thank you”

Luc Song voice remained calm

“Can I trouble you to bring the white plastic bag over here for me?”

As Luc Song was a patient, Ve nam decided to acquiesce to his request, otherwise she would’ve not paid an ounce of attention to his plea. She brought the bag to the room and placed it in front of him, when she opened it she saw a box of hairpins.

“Your brother told me to bring it to you.”

Ve Nam has a hobby of collecting hair clips. So when she received a gift like this, her eyes lit up like the headlights of a car.

She was about to say thanks when she heard a cell phone ringing

“Too sad……it’s not the result I wanted”

Ve nam took her cellphone out of her pocket and checked it, the screen is black, and there is no incoming call. She glanced up and saw Luc song also taking his phone out of his pocket, pressed the receive button, and with an expressionless countenance he said “Mother.”

Ve Nam was surprised. His ringtone is the exact same as hers. The only difference is that he uses this ringtone for his mother. He is really odd. If his mother was here, and heard the ringtone her son uses for her, her reaction would be priceless.

Within a minute, Ve nam realized why he chose this ringtone for his mother, specifically.

The phone call was dragged out for 10 mins, the soft voice on the other end was talking nonstop, like a barrage of bullets being fired, one after the other, straight into Luc Song’s ears. However, Luc Song demeanor remained very relaxed.

From beginning to end she only heard Luc Song say 10 words:”mom, I am here, yes, yes, yes, yes, bye bye.”

At the end of the phone call, Ve Nam watched Luc Song with sympathetic eyes. Luc Song calmly tucked his phone into his pocket as if nothing had happened. He raised his head and asked “can I go take a shower?”

Ve nam nods her head “yes, let me take you to the bathroom.”

Luc Song showered for half an hour before he finished.

Ve nam felt uncomfortable. Even though he just got off the train, and needed to shower to freshen up and relax, but there’s no need to shower for this long, his skin is going to peel off!

Ve nam was about to knock on the bathroom door, to see if he somehow drowned himself, when suddenly he stepped out of the bathroom.

Finally, Luc song finished showering

His wet hair is draped by his ears, he looked quite sexy with the droplets of water on his tan skin.

Luc Song is a brave man, he’s residing at another’s home but doesn’t know how to behave accordingly. Only wearing a pair of shorts, baring skin, standing in front of Ve Nam and asking “is there a hair dryer, I want to blow dry my hair?”

“Let me look for it”

Ve nam turned and went looking for the hair dryer.

He thanked her, took the hairdryer and went straight to the bedroom.

Ve Nam took a deep breath. If he did not warned her in advance, that she was not his type, she could’ve misunderstood, and thought he was trying to seduce her. Running around half naked like that, his head must not be screwed on right.

With the scorching hot weather, Ve nam decided to take cold shower to refresh herself. Having finished her shower, she changed into her pajamas, and was about to head to her room to read a novel before bed, when she saw her mother blocking the door.

“Nam Nam, bring this plate of fruit to Luc Song.”

Her mother even winked, and smiled widely before she left for her bedroom.

Ve nam desperately wanted to refuse but faced with her mother’s “unconditional love” (TN: “Tinh me bao la,” a proverb about the vastness, immensity and unconditional love of a mother) and her expectant eyes…”

“Okay, I’ll go mom, you should go to sleep early.”

Ve Nam knocked on the door, hearing the “come in,” she hurriedly opened the door with the plate of fruit in hand, and entered the bedroom. Luc Song was at her brother’s table, busy typing away on his laptop, not bothering to turn around. Ve nam headed straight towards the table, and placed the plate of fruit down. When she raised her head, she accidentally saw the webpage he was on. 


It turned out to be the familiar “Literature Paradise” page.

Ve nam has been reading online novels for 7 to 8 years now, she is even a “VIP Reader” on “Literature Paradise.” When she was in high school, Ve nam was very passionate about reading novels, her favorites being detective novels.

The process of finding serial killers by methods of reasoning and logic, is really engaging and exciting to read, especially since the cases are solved by handsome and talented detectives.

Ve Nam likes to read novels on  “Literature Paradise,” her favorite author is Zhou. It’s rumoured that this person is a student in the literature department at university T, which makes him Ve Nam’s senior, because of this Ve Nam felt very close to him.

Zhou has published many long stories, according to her online friends that means “he has dug many trap holes,” because a lot of viewers are waiting to read his novel, they  willingly fall into his traps. This author writes very arbitrarily. Sometimes, if inspired he’ll published tens of thousands of words, at other times, he’ll disappear for an extended period of time, without any explanation, or update on what he’s up to. The readers have a love and hate relationship with him. In the comment section, under his post, the readers are constantly crying.

“Author, please post the new chapter, if you don’t I’ll jump to my death!!”

“So who is the culprit? If this continues, I will suffer a heart attack!!”

“ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? If you live, say something! If you speak up, I won’t die, if you don’t, I will die!!

“Don’t be dishonest! You have a responsibility to your readers!”

Looking at all the angry messages from these poor wretched souls, Ve nam could only sighed sorrowfully.

The excruciatingly long wait for novels to be released is extremely painful. In addition, to the daily waiting, the reader also don’t know when the author may suddenly say “my stomach hurts, I can’t write anymore, farewell everyone.” and disappear without a trace.

Those are authors who still have a little conscience left in them, but the type of evil, unprincipled author like Zhou, who disappeared suddenly and for a long time, did not bother to say, he will stop writing, or when he will write next.

An excellent detective novel of his, titled “The Case of Flowers” was building to a dramatic and exciting climax when he decided to stop. Ve nam still recalls the last sentence “so the killer’s nickname is….”

The reader, waited in a state of  near death for a whole month, without anything to show for it.

A few days earlier, Ve Nam wanted to read but found nothing good.

Until she stumbled upon an online novel to her liking and immediately attacked the story. It was a crime novel about the mysterious disappearances of dead bodies. The author is called “I am a virus, do not click me.”

Just from reading the very first chapter, Ve nam shivered, her hair standing on end, and a cold sweat breaking out all over her body.The name of the protagonist sounds very familiar. So familiar that Ve Nam wanted to dig a grave for the author.

This particular author is one, Ve nam carries the most resentment for.

The resentment is even deepers than Zhous.

In the 12th grade, even as busy as she was, Ve nam would always find ways to avoid the prying eyes of her parents, to find a few minutes to secretly read her novels. The story, is a long series of novels posted online. Everyday, Ve nam would burn incense and pray, that the author would post a new chapter. The novel was called “The best times of our lives,” it is a coming of age story.

The two main characters in the series have known each other since childhood. Their profound and devoted love for one another is admirable. The girl entered a medical school, while the boy studied information technology and entered a different university. The boy has a twin sister.

The student’s life protrayed under the writer’s hand, filled Ve nam with hope and excitement for the future, especially when she reads about interesting new places.

Ve nam would print chapters of “The best times of our lives,” and in the middle of the night, cover herself with her blanket and start reading. However, fearful of her parents scolding, for her lack of studying, after a while, she would put her story away in her bag and take out her “College exam review documents” to study.  

Quickly, Ve nam had to give up her habits of reading novels, and concentrate solely on studying for her exams. When Ve nam entered into medical school, she felt just like the heroine in “The best times of our lives”. Her dream to become a doctor, has also gradually sprouted and bore fruit, but on the very day, Ve nam received her university entranced notice, she ran home in anticipation to read the ending to the story when she saw the author’s message “sorry, I’m preparing for the college entrance exam, I will not be writing anymore, I hope you will not miss me too much.”

At that time, the novel was at its most pivotal moment, when the two main characters broke up after graduation. Ve Nam was so resentful, she glared at the message for a good minute, then screamed “I HATE YOU!” Ve nam was so angry, she slammed her fist down onto the table, and caused her brother in the room next to hers to ask in a fearful voice “do you have another seizure?”

Those books are the first series of novels that Ve Nam read, which is why it left such a deep impression on her.

 Ve nam accidentally clicked on the novel “The dead body disappears,” and discovered the protagonist shared the same name as the main character in “The best times of our lives.” Curious, she went on to read the author’s opening comments on the first chapter, it said “ I was too lazy to think of a name, so I’m using the name of a character from my previous works. Please do not ask me about the past,” (TN: Referring to his break from writing and his return) thank you 3Q3Q.”

Three years have passed. Plenty of new authors and readers have appeared. Many readers have forgotten the unfinished novel, helped along by the fervor and anticipation for new novel releases. Ve nam laughed and left the words,

“My dear friends, this author is suffering from secondary epilepsy, we won’t know if one day he’ll pack up and run away again, just wait you’ll be buried alive. (TN:implying the author will do them wrong again)

Actually, Ve nam’s prediction so far proved nothing.

Before, Ve nam would light incense for Buddha and pray for the author to post new releases but instead he suddenly disappeared.

And now Ve nam hopes that the author would go away and disappear, but instead he post new releases daily.

Of course, the incense Ve nam burned was the one for mosquitoes.

Even though, Ve Nam did not realize she burned incense for mosquitoes. In the end, No uninvited mosquitoes came, only a certain author arrived at her house instead.

Earlier, Luc Song clicked on the novel “The dead bodies disappears.” In the comment section, Ve nam saw in a quick glance words written by her own hands, “my dear friends, this author is suffering from secondary epilepsy, we won’t know if one day he’ll pack up and run away again, just wait you’ll be buried alive.”

If it was only that, then it wouldn’t be a problem. The problem is, behind the message follows a string of words that read: “The text of the author.”

Ve Nam broke out in a cold sweat, her sweat is like a waterfall.

Luc song smirked clicked on “The text of the author “ and started typing.

“You are probably my old reader. Do not worry. Now my honor is very good. I will be responsible to you.”

Ve nam’s hand shook, an apple rolled over to Luc song.

Luc Song turned his head, he smiled and asked: “What is it?”

“My mom said for you to eat the apples” Ve nam laughed, picked up the stray apple by the keyboard and handed it to him.

“Thank you”

Luc Song placed the apple on the plate, and continuing looking at the message, then he copied a file from the usb, and uploaded a new post online.

Ve nam’s face distorted

“Are you okay” Luc Song suddenly turned his head and asked.

Granted, Ve nam’s smile did look a little twisted, “how unexpected, so you are a novelist, bai phuc, bai phuc (TN:bai phuc, an expression used to show admiration and reverence)

He is the author that Ve Nam has a grave dug for him, he tops the list of people she resent the most, who she wants to kill most! 

Luc song shrugged his shoulders “when I was in college, I was bored so I decided to try a hand in writing.”

In grade 12, Ve nam, day and night, would eagerly keep track of “The Best Days of our Lives.” When the author disappeared, and stopped writing, Ve nam was so angry she cried.

At that time, because of how much Ve nam liked the way the author portrayed medical school, she decided to study in the medical sector. After attending medical school, however, Ve nam realized it is not the paradise he described. It is hell, pure hell!

And he had the nerve to say…he wrote out of boredom!!

How good, how very good, Ve Nam menacingly thought

“I heard from Ve Dang, that you studied information technology, but you also write so well.” Ve nam complimented him, but his face was expressionless.

She took several deep breaths to calm herself, she feared she might become too excited and tear apart the person standing in front of her into many little pieces.

It’s unbelievable, that this day has arrived, the day when Ve nam finally meets the author she onced loved, but for all that, he has now turned into someone she hates the most. The feeling is strange, and hard to express into words.

Luc song smiled “naturally people have to learn language. So anyone who can write, can create novels, is it so odd?”

“You are right, it’s just that writing detective novels is not easy, it requires logic. ” Ve Nam continued to say.

Luc Song did some editing and then said “well, reading through Zhou’s reckless novel, logic doesn’t seem to matter that much.”

Ve nam suppressed her anger. How dare he disrespect her favorite author in front of her, and to be that insulting! Ve nam coldly said “Zhou was awarded the Literature award for young adult.”

Luc Song smirked “its not like it’s the Nobel prize for literature, so what does it matter?”

Ve Nam did not say anything for a second, then asked, “do you have a grudge against him?”

Lu Song touched his chin and said, “there is no resentment. I just found him aggressive and an eye sore.

There is a person with such thick skin that it can be used as a bulletproof vest, this person is Luc Song. 

Luc Song, himself, is this aggressive already and yet he dared to comment on other people’s aggression, an eye sore? Please, he is not only aggressive but aggressive to the extreme. It is not possible to use the phrase “an eye sore” to describe Luc Song,  but rather “a thorn in the eye” would be more fitting.

Ve nam smiled brightly “of course, you’re correct, the aggressors deserves a lesson, right?”

Luc Song raised his head, and seriously said “Yes”

Ve Nam with nothing left to say, took an apple, bit into it and left for the door. At the door, Ve Nam suddenly turned around, laughed and said:

“If you are going to write a story online, then do not write it halfway and then run away. Those who dig holes and run away, will someday, themselves, fall into the pit.”

Luc Song smiled and said “you are so playful, how can I do something so unresponsible?”

Ve Nam clenched her teeth and closed the door.


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